Eurelectric Working Group Hydro meets for the first time in Slovenia

22. 06. 2023

The Energy Industry Chamber of Slovenia (EICS) hosted on June 12 and 13 the first meeting of the Eurelectric working group Hydro, which consists of experts in the field of hydropower from 20 different European countries. Karina Medved Bregar (HSE) took over the role of vice chair of this working group for a period of two years last year.

The members of the working group exchanged views on electricity market design reform with the representative of ACER, Mr Martin Povh, and the next day visited the Hydroelectric Power Plant (HPP) Medvode. The visit was organized by Savske elektrarne Ljubljana (SEL), which is a substitute member from Slovenia in the working group.

Everyone agreed that hydropower, not only in Slovenia, but throughout Europe, is an important element of the security of electricity supply and an indispensable renewable energy source. Moreover, pumped storage hydropower plants are still the largest technology for storing electricity available, therefore the role of hydropower in the energy system and in achieving climate goals must be better recognized both by decision-makers and the general public. The Eurelectric working group constantly strives for the latter.

Union of the Electricity Industry – Eurelectric consists of five committees and 17 working groups, headquartered in Brussels. The Working Group on hydropower (WG Hydro) operates under the framework of the Generation & Environment Committee.