With the foundation meeting on Dec. 2, 2010, the Energy Market Data Exchange Section (hereinafter: IPET Section) began to operate at the Energy Chamber of Commerce. By concluding the agreement, the IPET Section was established by the following active members: Borzen, d. o. o., Elektro Celje, d. d., Elektro Gorenjska, d. d., Elektro Ljubljana, d. d., Elektro Maribor, d. d., Elektro Primorska, d. d., Elektro Slovenija, d. o. o., Energy Agency of RS, SODO, d. o. o., and Informatika d.d. as an observer. IPET Section’s operational objectives are the following: to set out key data, data operators and administrators, data flows, description of the process and development of a new Slovene standard which would enable unification of approaches in informatisation of data exchange processes among all participants on the market according to an effective and standardised model. In its operation, the group uses available open standards and standardised methodologies for the modelling of business processes. Because of the need for an effective data exchange on the energy market, the issues about the development of information infrastructure which would enable smooth operation of all market participants are becoming more and more present. IPET Section was established on the basis of different initiatives and according to already initiated work of an EDEIEM (efficient data exchange in the electricity market) working group which was formed in 2009. In the work done, the Section has also established cooperation with the European forum for energy Business Information eXchange – ebIX which develops and standardises the use of electronic information exchange in the energy industry and follows the rules of the European Union where applicable. Implementation of a joint seminar with the ebIX Forum representatives and a visit from ebIX experts on PIES 2010 is the result of this cooperation. In its work, the EDEIEM group has examined the possibility of the use of ebIX’s role model on the energy market as the starting point for process modelling in Slovenia and identified imbalances and data flows among individual roles. One of the major objectives set by the IPET Section is also to become a member of the ebIX organisation. Namely, the objectives of this membership are exchange of information and experiences, use of standardised process modelling of data exchange and methodologies, analysis of good practice examples, development, optimisation and standardisation of the use of electronic information exchange in energy industry. A strategic approach and proper vision of problem-solving on a national level are needed to overcome problems comprehensively and lastingly and to enhance the efficiency of data exchange. The main objectives of IPET Section follow that, as it wishes to contribute to the right strategic orientation of market participants for comprehensive problem-solving and long-lasting provision of successful, effective, and transparent electricity market operation. Membership in the Section We invite all interested companies from the field of electricity market to participate in the Section since other legal entities and organisations which operate or wish to operate on the Slovene electricity market and are not signatories to the foundation agreement are allowed to join the Section with equal rights. New members shall accede to the Section by signing the annex to the agreement on the establishment of the Section. All interested in the membership are invited to send us intention for the membership in the Section. For additional information on the membership, please contact us through our e-mail ipet@borzen.si. Notifications and Documents >>>