World Energy Trilemma 2024: Slovenia Ranks 11th

22. 04. 2024

According to the World Energy Trilemma Index 2022 published by the World Energy Council (WEC), Slovenia ranks 11th in the world, scoring 78.4 points (ABA) (in 2022, it scored 78.8 points tand a rank of 9).

Ratings for Slovenia:

(1) energy security: 69,1 (Canada remains in the first place with 76.6 points),

(2) energy equality: 93,8 (with 99.9 points, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait are ranked best),

(3) environmental sustainability: 77 (Switzerland remains in the first place with 85.7 points).

In the so-called trilemma report, the WEC assesses a country’s energy sector according to three key dimensions:

(1) energy security (reliable and continuous energy supply),

(2) energy equity (access to energy at affordable prices), and

(3) environmental sustainability (minimum impact of energy on the environment).


Global rankings

According to the Energy Trilemma Index 2024, 13 countries are ranked among the top 10 performers:

1. Denmark, Sweden
3. Finland
4. Switzerland
5. Austria
6. France
7. Estonia, Germany
8. United Kingdom, Norway
9. New Zealand
10. USA

Russia is in 39th place, China in 47th place.


Key findings of the 2024 report

  1. Emphasis on regional strategies

The report highlights the importance of regional cooperation and adapting strategies to specific regional needs. Europe, for example, is looking for ways to reduce its dependence on Russian gas, while Africa is exploring opportunities to exploit its vast gas reserves and renewable resources.

  1. Increasing the role of renewable resources

The global energy landscape is changing with the increasing share of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power. This requires new approaches to energy storage and grid management to ensure reliability and stability of supply.

  1. Adaptation of the infrastructure

The emphasis is on the need to modernize the infrastructure to improve energy security and the integration of new technologies that support the transition to cleaner energy sources.

  1. The social dimension of the energy transition

The report also highlights the social aspects of the energy transition, including issues of equity and affordability. It is emphasized that the energy transition is not only a technological project, but also a social process that requires broad social involvement and support.


“Slovenia, like many other countries, faces challenges and opportunities brought by the global energy trilemma. Its success in dealing with these challenges will depend on the effectiveness of policies, the ability to adapt to new technologies and cooperation with international partners. It can play an important role in its region, as it can act as an example of good practice and an innovator in the field of energy transition,” says the president of the SNK WEC Section within the Energy Industry Chamber of Slovenia (EZS), dr. Ivan Šmon.



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