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Energy Industry Chamber of Slovenia (EICS)

The Energy Industry Chamber of Slovenia (EICS) is an autonomous, voluntary, interest and not-for-profit association of legal and natural persons who independently perform predominantly profitable energy activities on the market. The Energy Chamber of Slovenia (EICS) therefore connects and represents the interests of its members.

The Energy Chamber of Slovenia (EICS) was established on 15 June 2007 and entered on the Ljubljana District Court Register on 29 October of the same year. EICS became operational on 1 January 2008.


The members of EICS are energy companies of all sizes and from all regions, among them energy producers and distributors, gas and electricity market operators, academic institutions and also small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Who can become a member of the EICS? Members of the EICS can become companies and sole proprietors who are registered (domiciled) or reside in the Republic of Slovenia, who mainly perform energy activities, activities related to energy supply and use and other economic activities.


The basic purpose and goals of all EICS activities are to contribute to improving the business efficiency and competitiveness of members in the global market and thus to the growth and efficiency of the Slovenian economy. The tasks of the EICS also include economic and social dialogue (the EICS has the status of one of the employers’ associations in the Republic of Slovenia), work in the field of legislation and policy (participation in the formation of the economic system and economic policy), information and counseling for members, education and organization of events.

The Energy Chamber of Slovenia (EICS) independently adopts and promotes the positions of its members both in relation to external stakeholders in Slovenia and at the level of the European Union, cooperates with official bodies, including at sessions of committees of the National Assembly and the National Council, when regulations are adopted, concern the interests of the EICS members. The EICS also expresses and represents other specific interests of energy industry.

Cooperation with other institutions

The Energy Chamber of Slovenia (EICS) is an autonomous legal entity. In order to pursue the specific interests of its members, the EICS may conclude cooperation agreements with other organisations.

The EICS does not operate under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCIS), but cooperates closely with it. Members of the EICS have in the past been affiliated with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Energy Chamber as a unit of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Some members of the EICS are active in the Strategic Energy Transition Council (SSEP) at the GZS.